The New Signal is a groundbreaking podcast from Chicago, IL, which captures music made in the moment to make music of the moment. It’s musicians getting together in a studio, a basement, a bedroom to hangout, jam, and record.



On their debut album, “Everywhere to Go”, The New Signal curates its free wheeling ideas into a cohesive sound and story. Leaving the comfort of rock guitars, drum, and bass, this album is all about the beats and voices. And yet, it still feels very much like a rock album. Gabriel Palomo and Darren Shepherd’s banging, jangly beats play like great guitar riffs. Mike Nourse and Sophie Senard (in English and French) take the mic with purpose, trading hooky vocals that become melodic mantras and bullish testimony. Nat Soti fills out the rest with piano, synth, and guitar texture and whose production breathes between sparsity and density. “Everywhere to Go” feels like a cross country road trip through an electronic frontier, where club kids party with outlaw punks, mysterious damsels, and loner cowboys.