I am an artist from Chicago, IL.  By day I am an independent video producer and go by Zero One Projects.   I also co-founded the Chicago Art Department, a non-profit arts group and gallery.



Most of my work deals with reflecting current events, politics, and culture. In particular I focus on the way these things are represented through imagery – as image has becomes the more prevalent and dominant form of communication. I am interested in visual literacy and storytelling.

The process of making these works is about reading. I “read” through articles in magazines, newspapers, watch tv and film, listen to the radio like most of us do. But as I sift through, scan, cut up, sample, remix and recompose them into new images, it forces me to pay attention to, absorb, and understand the material in a very different way.

Making my own images allows me to take ownership of those images, and in turn the events,that are always being broadcasted to me.