A series of video pieces from my trip to Thailand.

From November 27 – Dec 11, I am travelling to Thailand with a huge group:  my aunt and uncle, cousins Art and Nick, Diva, my sister Birdie, Gabe and my nephew Niko.  I’ve hauled almost all of my gear with me.  Ive got my Canon C100 with 3 lenses as well as a Sony ActionCam AS100 (small POV type camera). 



I’m doing these in part to document our trip, but I’m also doing this to have some fun with my camera, try some different ideas with filmmaking and storytelling.  In an ideal world I would be posting these videos at the end of every day so you can follow along on our trip, but hey I’m on vacation!  I will try to post new ones as i can.


EP 1:  Landing in Tokyo

We pick up things up on the flight to Tokyo.   I want to try the new Sony ActionCam that I bought for this trip.

EP 2: Finally You’re Here

Birdie, Gabe and Niko travelled two days earlier to spend a couple of days in Tokyo (Birdie has now gone outside of the Tokyo airport).  They are on our flight to Bangkok and I am excited to see them.

EP 3: Meditations on the 777

Niko absolutely loves commercial jets and when i say love, he totally geeks out on them.  Seriously…I think the part he was looking forward to the most on this trip was the chance to ride his favorite jets.

EP 4: Travel Documents

From Tokyo to Bangkok


EP5:  Too Busy Watching My Screen, Lost Everybody

Upon landing in Bangkok, I get caught up filming stuff on my new Sony ActionCam and before I know it, I’m wondering where everybody went.

 EP6:  Cruisin with Niko

We’ve finally made it to Thailand and our favorite little guy is back walking us through Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok.

EP 7:  What’s Nick Looking For?

After sleeping for maybe 2-3 hours, we wake up for our first morning in Bangkok and venture out onto the streets to explore and take in some sights and sounds….Nick has other things on his mind.

EP:8 House on the Rooftop

Somehow Gabe manages to get a gig on his first night in Bangkok at one of the nicest rooftop bars in the city, the Octave Bar at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. 

EP9: Boiling Eggs

My uncle’s family is from Chiangmai.  His brother has rented us a van and drive and arranged a whole jam-packed itinerary of things to do while we are in Chiangmai.  Our first stop is a natural hot springs.


EP10: Sunday Night Market Singer

Chiangmai is known for the Night Bazaar, but apparently it’s gotten a little too commercial/generic over the years.  For more local craft there is a market that only happens on Sunday nights.   It’s just one street and there is just a constant flow of people going in one direction.   This old partially blind woman walks slowly against traffic with a speaker strapped on her back, singing, and asking for money.  I felt a little like a stalker walking behind her filming, but it was an interesting experience walking with her against the flow of people.  Travelling upstream is a pretty great strategy to get people to notice you and give you money  if you asked me – and don’t worry I tipped her.


EP11: Going Down River

On our first full day in Chiangmai, we visit the Maesa Elephant camp just outside of Chiangmai.  Our first activity was a bamboo raft ride down the river.  So peaceful, just hearing the sound of water.


EP12: The Commerce of Tradition

We made a short visit to the Kayan tribe village.   Always a very strange feeling to be a cultural tourist.  Many mixed feelings.

EP13:  Oh My Gosh

We go on an elephant ride, with Niko as my riding buddy.  Elephants are pretty amazing animals, they are so big and powerful yet gentle and good natured.  But don’t tell that to Niko…